25.08.2019 | People, Popular Posts

Over half of Mozambicans are 35 or younger, yet only a fraction vote. A youth platform is encouraging them to head to the ballot box, but also to get involved in other ways.


26.06.2019 | People, Popular Posts

More than 300 groups have joined a global alliance that advocates to change social and economic systems for a more just, equal and sustainable world.


25.06.2019 | People, Popular Posts

Illicit financial flows are depriving African countries of wealth from their natural resources. With governments slow to act, civil society must take urgent action.


29.05.2019 | People

As we fight through conversations about pipelines and indigenous rights…we are actually putting the stones down for the new path the country will have to walk.


28.05.2019 | People, In Pipeline
Photo by Dmitrii_Guzhanin

A global network keeps dialogue open across the Atlantic in uncertain times.


29.04.2019 | People, In Pipeline

Progressive parties overshadowed by polarization, fragmentation and nationalism ahead of EU polls in May.


28.04.2019 | People, Popular Posts

The youth of Africa envisions a future where the EU dismantles the power dynamics that have hindered Africa and its development.


27.03.2019 | People, In Pipeline
Amine Kharrat. Illustration by iStockphoto/bo68

With migration youth seek opportunities unavailable at home, and those from less prosperous areas see it as the only way to achieve an upward social mobility.


26.03.2019 | People
Judicaelle Irakoze. Photo by FES

"We can not address the migration crisis without analysing the roots [of it], and the overall [root] of it is political instability, which goes with poverty."


27.11.2018 | People

Africa expects transparency in climate finance and better access to know-how to better face climate change.


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