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29.11.2017 | Theme of the month

November: EU-African Union Summit, what’s in it for Africa?

On occasion of the African Union-European Union Summit in November and Germany's decision to declare 2017 an “Africa-Year”, we bring perspectives by...


30.10.2017 | Theme of the month

October: FES work in Latin America and the Caribbean

Uruguay sells cannabis, a rookie union in Chile takes over a coffee behemoth and more from FES in Latin America and the Caribbean


31.07.2017 | Theme of the month

September: social rights and cities

Who are the makers of our cities?


31.07.2017 | Theme of the month

August: FES summer reads

A special edition with different book recommendations by youth in the international network of FES.


29.06.2017 | Theme of the month

July: global governance and social democracy

Good global governance needs just policies


31.05.2017 | Theme of the month

June: digitalisation, networks and labour

A good digital society is more than technology!


28.04.2017 | Theme of the month

May: socially just climate action and energy transformation

Hello readers of FES Connect!

“Now more than ever!" is the unrelenting message arriving from the Bonn Climate Change Conference held this May in...


30.03.2017 | Theme of the month

April: workers in the global economy and trade policy

We bring debates and activities that shape the work of the FES network pushing against the adverse effects of global trade


28.02.2017 | Theme of the month

March: women's movement, labour rights, mobility

In observation of the International Women's Day, we dedicate this issue on the women's movement and the progress on equality and labour rights.


28.02.2017 | Theme of the month

February: peace, security and social democracy

What challenges and social democratic approaches are there for peace and security?



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