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3. November: Climate Action. Socially. Just.  
We need a social-ecological transformation. But what could that look like?  
03.11.2020 | Reading Picks | Reading Picks
A new manual presents arguments for ambitious climate policies
The power of progressive actors and citizens combined can offset the climate ignorance of certain governments, allow progressive actors to connect with each other, and build up the power for positive…  
03.11.2020 | Popular Posts, Trending | Popular Posts, Trending
Hydrogen hype in the desert
The respective hydrogen strategies of Germany and the European Union are set to solve the question how to decarbonize the industrial sector. Hydrogen can be a clean energy source when produced by…  
02.11.2020 | People, Popular Posts | People, Popular Posts
Further steps are needed to ensure a gender-just energy transition
For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be just, to leave no one behind during the process.  
02.11.2020 | Trending | Trending
A bold policy for Europe: Why climate and social policy are inseparable
"Capitalism is at a dead end", according to French Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire. And he is right: Our way of doing business and our understanding of growth needs fundamental overhaul. From a…  
01.11.2020 | Trending | Trending
Addressing the environmental agenda cannot wait for the pandemic to end
As humanity battles the coronavirus pandemic, the fight against climate change has taken a back seat. This is why ecological deterioration should be an urgent problem on the global agenda.  
9. October: Visions of the new normal  
What could (or should) our lives look like after the pandemic?  
29.09.2020 | People, Popular Posts | People, Popular Posts
Care for those who take care of you: Domestic workers in Brazil
The inclusivity of Brazilian society is put to the test as the coronavirus pandemic highlights a labour sector ripe with historical and structural inequality: domestic work.  
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