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02.09.2020 | In Pipeline, Popular Posts

A new centre in Berlin to support EU-level civilian crisis management

In February 2020, the European Union established the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management in Berlin. We spoke to Volker Jacoby, its founding director, about the Centre’s aspirations and its role crisis…


01.09.2020 | In Pipeline

Peacebuilding in the Sahel needs stronger cooperation with civil society

Violence in the Sahel is increasing but stabilization efforts have so far focussed on military interventions. Read about why promoting civil-society involvement in the security sector is crucial for development of the region.…


04.08.2020 | In Pipeline, Popular Posts

FES youth programme in Central America finds new lease of life under lockdown

The Central American youth programme Agentes de Cambio, or “Agents of Change”, has had to move with the times during the COVID-19 lockdown, bringing many of its activities online. This has in some ways expanded the reach of…


02.05.2020 | In Pipeline

Informal workers get creative on addressing shortfalls in social security – Greater state support still needed

Despite being one of the most vulnerable sectors, many informal workers globally have no social security – either from private employers or the state. In sub-Saharan Africa, a survey discovers that communities often come…


02.03.2020 | In Pipeline

Transforming trade unions: Paving the way for gender equality in Chile

Participants of the campaign by FES Chile and Sintracap on formalizing domestic work largely fronted by women. Photo from FES Chile.

Gender inequality continues to become prevalent, even in seemingly progressive structures like trade unions. FES Chile tells the story of a group of women who took the initiative to introduce gender equality supporting…


02.03.2020 | In Pipeline

Enhancing women’s future of work: Ideas from four corners of the world

iStock Photo / FG Trade

The global FES project ‘The Future is Feminist’ hopes to create a vibrant space for exchanging ideas and strategies on feminist visions and on the future of work for women. Read four export reports on it so far from Africa,…


30.11.2019 | In Pipeline

BlueGreen Alliance: Uniting America labor unions with environmental organizations


How is one organisation working to reconcile climate goals with labour and economic interests.


29.08.2019 | In Pipeline, Trending

Teaming up for social democracy – the FES Alumni Mentoring Programme / smartboy10

Former scholars pass on experience to the next generations in the mentoring programme, open to international and German students.


28.05.2019 | People, In Pipeline

“Nothing can replace personal connections across the Atlantic”

Photo by Dmitrii_Guzhanin

A global network keeps dialogue open across the Atlantic in uncertain times.


29.04.2019 | People, In Pipeline

FES monitor takes the pulse of EU social democracy ahead of Parliament polls

Progressive parties overshadowed by polarization, fragmentation and nationalism ahead of EU polls in May.


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