02.11.2020 | People, Popular Posts

Further steps are needed to ensure a gender-just energy transition

For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be just, to leave no one behind during the process.


29.09.2020 | People, Popular Posts

Care for those who take care of you: Domestic workers in Brazil

The inclusivity of Brazilian society is put to the test as the coronavirus pandemic highlights a labour sector ripe with historical and structural inequality: domestic work.


28.09.2020 | People

Consequences of the crisis

We need planetary thinking and international cooperation to solve pressing global problems.


27.09.2020 | People

TV or not TV? How the pandemic affected education in Mongolia

After months of lockdown and classes taking place online or even on TV, what does the “new normal” look like for Mongolia’s education sector?


02.09.2020 | People, Popular Posts

Cooperation in Europe: Unthinkable?

Thirty years ago, in Paris, leaders of the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) signed a Charter marking the end of an era of confrontation and division in Europe. It opened a new era of democracy, peace…


01.09.2020 | People, Popular Posts

A force to be reckoned with

Police reform and development are crucial for peace in Afghanistan, according to Deputy Interior Minister Hosna Jalil. She spoke to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung about her hopes and concerns for intra-Afghan negotiations and…


01.09.2020 | People

Many visions of peace: What are Colombians actually hoping for?

The project Paz Glocal – Glocal Peace in Colombia has been gathering the visions of peace as expressed by thousands of citizens from around the country. We spoke with representatives of two of the three organizations…


06.08.2020 | People

How the FES Academy for Social Democracy inspired me to start my own civil society initiative

Political youth education is central to the work of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Armen Mkchyan, a former participant of the Eastern European Academy for Social Democracy, shares how the Academy creates strong networks, breaks…


04.08.2020 | People, Popular Posts

Trade unions must work for and invest in the youth

Union membership has been declining for decades and engaging young workers is a challenge. We spoke to Luca Schirmer, secretary for the student faction of the German Education Union (GEW) about engaging young people in the…


04.05.2020 | People, Popular Posts

The revolutionary pandemic: exposing institutional blindness

What is the kind of work without which a society would perish and how do we acknowledge it? Andris Šuvajevs says it like it is: make essential workers the best-paid sector in society and re-establish full employment as a key…


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