27.11.2017 | People, Popular Posts

Powerful and intimate testimony on the urgent action needed to overcome the conditions holding African populations in glaring poverty, driving those who survive to exodus and exile.


27.11.2017 | People

The absence of a real migration policy based on African realities should dispel any remaining illusion about the gulf separating the European and African understandings of the question, writes civil society activist from Côte…


26.11.2017 | People
Tina Hennecken Andrade by FES

Simple messages like "you shouldn’t beat your wife" or "you should pay your nanny a decent salary" are just not enough.


20.11.2017 | Popular Posts, People
Street corner cafe in Melville, Johannesburg, a trendy artistic suburb situated near the University, west of Johannesburg city centre. Photo by / THEGIFT777

South Africa’s cities are still largely divided along the fault lines of class and race, a quarter century after the official end of apartheid. FES spoke to Khanya Bonani, an alumnus of the Fort Hare Autumn School Programme,…


30.10.2017 | People, Popular Posts

Former FES Mexico staff, doctoral student and lecturer Zirahuén Villamar analyses the Impact of the German elections for Latin America and Germany’s ‘other’ transatlantic relation.


29.10.2017 | People, Popular Posts

A workshop in La Paz on community feminism, movement for political action that questions the definitions and chronology posed by feminist currents arising in the past in Europe and the United States.


27.10.2017 | People

Buenos Aries (Argentina) – Founded during the military dictatorship in Argentina, Nueva Sociedad can boast of decades long history and a vigorous team keeping progressive thought on the upbeat in the region.


29.09.2017 | People

Rising rents, long commutes, more pollution are among the negative consequences of growing cities in Germany that have affected especially people with low and medium income.


31.07.2017 | Popular Posts, People

Indebted countries that receive a debt relief continue to return to square one, a poignant lesson in the history of debt that should encourage progressive economic solutions to indebtedness presented in this contribution by…


24.07.2017 | People, Popular Posts

Quito (Ecuador) – In the Hanseatic city shaken by turmoil during the recent G-20 meeting, the issue of foreign debt virtually disappeared from the official agenda


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