24.02.2017 | People

Overcoming negative populism

Following up on last month’s focus on political education and populism comes a contribution by a former FES intern in Thailand on populism and its implications for security and stability


23.02.2017 | People

Redistribute wealth and resources for a secure Kenya

An interview with Dr Werunga from the East African Centre for Security and Strategic Studies


17.02.2017 | People

Peace and security starts at home

The European peace project used to address peace between nations and it now needs to address peace within European society, says Prof. Ursula Schröder in an interview with FES Connect


29.01.2017 | People

Networks for change from Costa Rica

Ana Gabriel Zúñiga Aponte, Vice-minister of Costa Rica on political participation, the inclusion of youth in the politics and her experiences as alumni of Agentes de Cambio.


28.01.2017 | People

Fort Hare encounters: interview with Nalinda Ndlebe

"The relationship FES had with South Africa at a critical time in our history made me more intrigued about all that I could benefit from the programme"


16.01.2017 | People, Popular Posts

Political education programs in Kenya: challenges and alternatives

Our guest contribution for the month with considerations on the context of political education in Kenya and the challenges to overcome


22.11.2016 | People, Popular Posts

The first anti-gender party was the NPD

A conversation on the opposition to feminist movements in Germany rising alongside authoritarianism and right-wing populism worldwide.


18.11.2016 | People

Awareness matters on the road towards gender equality

Two issues down the road and we have our first guest contribution with considerations on why we need conscious learning and awareness to contest gender inequality.


12.10.2016 | People, Popular Posts

Movement, a freedom lost in a shrunken world

Interview with documentary filmmaker Zafari on his work with FES, his latest movie on migration and the debates and experiences by Afghan youth


11.10.2016 | People

Practices of a migrating society

Experiences by Dalia Dada, participant at a seminar series on democracy education


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