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03.11.2020 | Reading Picks

A new manual presents arguments for ambitious climate policies

The power of progressive actors and citizens combined can offset the climate ignorance of certain governments, allow progressive actors to connect with each other, and build up the power for positive change.


28.09.2020 | Reading Picks

What has lockdown meant for independent media in Eastern Europe?

FES Budapest assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the already beleaguered independent media in Eastern Europe.


03.03.2020 | Reading Picks

Family Laws in the MENA Region A Tool for Subordination

Farah Daibes expertly summarizes a study that dives deep into the origins of Family Laws in the MENA Region and the recent amendments made specifically for women to counter its inherent misogyny and oppressiveness. Read her…


30.11.2019 | Reading Picks

A New Look at Capitalism and Democracy

A book review of Torben Iversen/David Soskice: Democracy and Prosperity: Reinventing Capitalism through a Turbulent Century. Princeton University Press 2019 by Michael Dauderstädt.


| Reading Picks

New Jobs through Energy Transition

This is not a forecast, but a possible scenario. It's entirely possible to protect the environment and create employment opportunities—a scenario for the German economy. Read Claudia Detsch's interview of Markus Hoch and…


| Reading Picks

Exploitation by exposure: How Toxic Substances Poison Workers’ Rights

Over two million workers die every year from occupational diseases, of which nearly one million are due to toxic exposures alone. Baskut Tuncak explores the many solutions available to end this abuse of workers’ rights?


25.10.2019 | Reading Picks

Literature and gentrification: Social critique as a surrogate for literature

For the protagonist of the novel, the greatest pain to be feared is that, as a mother of four living in precarious circumstances, she will soon no longer be a member of the Prenzlauer Berg clique of the Baugruppen milieu, as…


20.04.2019 | Reading Picks

Europe's Borders: A Conversation with Wolfgang Merkel and Gesine Schwan

"We describe European societies as open, and rightly so. Retreating into a fortress would flatly contradict that openness."


25.03.2019 | Reading Picks

Migration and integration – towards a "new we"

The most important task […] consists in bridging the gap overcoming the social and political divide between the mobile and the rather more settled inhabitants of our society.


30.08.2018 | In Pipeline, Reading Picks

Against right-wing extremism: Films and books for political action

New and noteworthy entries with a critical take on right-wing extremism and violence for your to-be-read-and-watched list


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