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29.04.2018 | Reading Picks

Fair Working Conditions for Platform Workers

A new publication explores different possible regulatory approaches at the EU level to ensure fair working conditions in the platform economy


27.04.2018 | Reading Picks

Towards a European Labour Authority ― Mandate, Main Tasks and Open Questions

In September 2017, the European Commission proposed the creation of a European Labour Authority. What expectations and advantages are related to its creation?


19.03.2018 | Popular Posts, Reading Picks

CUT-Brazil, a trade union centre at the forefront of the feminist struggle

The case of Unified Workers' Central (CUT) implementing gender parity in its decision-making bodies was analyzed by Didice Godinho Delgado for "Trade Unions in Transformation," a project by FES


18.03.2018 | Reading Picks

The Black Protests have changed Poland

Agnieszka Wisniewska chief editor of the website ("political critique") explains how these protests have changed the country.


27.02.2018 | Reading Picks

Following the Forum: China's Belt and Road Initiative and the EU

A policy brief with recommendations for European policy and decision makers on how to adequately address China’s growing presence through its Belt and Road Initiative and how to reconcile converging interests to achieve…


14.02.2018 | Reading Picks

Russian automotive unions score gains despite massive challenges

The case of alternative trade unions challenging transnational automotive companies in Russia was analyzed by Sarah Hinz in a study for the "Trade Unions in Transformation," project of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.


20.12.2017 | Reading Picks

On the Use and Abuse of Marxism

Getty Images News / CC-BY 2.0

We are witnessing an unparalleled Marx renaissance: from the culture pages of bourgeois newspapers to left-wing academics and intellectuals. It includes even the Chinese Communist Party. Should this surprise us?


15.11.2017 | Reading Picks

Can union organizing help save Nigeria's textile industry?

Based on a case study by Ismail Bello, this story by "Trade Unions in Transformation," a project by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, presents the case of the National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria.


17.10.2017 | Reading Picks

Development Approaches in Latin America: Towards Social-Ecological Transformation

Analysis on the development debate in Latin America and why socially fair and ecologically sustainable transformation is needed in the region.


15.10.2017 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

The rookie union that took on the coffee behemoth and won: The case of Starbucks Chile

Based on a case study by Felipe Labra, this story by the FES project "Trade Unions in Transformation" presents the case of power resources in the worker’s union at Starbucks Chile.


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