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29.09.2017 | Reading Picks

Street vendors in India: From invisibility to centre stage

Based on a case study by authors Arbind Singh and Sachin Kumar, this story narrates the fight by street vendors in India successfully organizing for better working rights.


08.09.2017 | Reading Picks

Who owns the city?

The battle for progressive cities in Asia


16.08.2017 | Reading Picks

Youth share reading picks and we stacked it for you

Timely and poignant non-fiction oldies, politically charged fiction and memoirs, here are 20 suggestions for your TBR list by youth from the international network of FES and partners.


26.07.2017 | Reading Picks

Are the Multilateral Organizations Fighting Inequality? 2017 Financial Impact Report Executive Summary

International institutions are still not playing their key role in ensuring that we reverse the current disastrous trends in inequality, and allow all of the world’s citizens to benefit from future growth and development.


06.07.2017 | Reading Picks

The G20 Compact with Africa is unsuitable for African low-income countries

The G20 Africa partnership draws on a financial and economic framework for reforms that can’t address the main challenges for countries on the continent argues a discussion paper published by FES.


19.06.2017 | Popular Posts, Reading Picks

World Wide Web of equal freedom?

How digitalisation can be steeped in the values of a humane society


17.06.2017 | Reading Picks

The future of work in Asia – How can India create livelihoods in the digital age?

“Despite being an investors’ darling, India’s employment generation track record has been disappointing”


15.05.2017 | Reading Picks

NDC Partnership for an effective implementation of the Paris Agreement

"The transformation that the Paris Agreement calls for so urgently will only secure broad-based public support if there is a narrowing of socioeconomic inequalities".


25.04.2017 | Reading Picks

The race to the bottom in Vietnam

International brands and competition on foreign direct investment are pushing labour standards to the bottom, a new study by FES Vietnam shows


20.04.2017 | News, Reading Picks

The Automotive Sector in Emerging Economies

The ever-growing automotive sector of emerging countries nurtures hopes and concerns for the future, reports a new study by FES


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