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16.03.2017 | Reading Picks

Care work in Mozambique

For a socially and gender just society, a universal social protection system cannot overlook the need for quality and affordable social services


23.02.2017 | Reading Picks

China's "Belt": perspectives on cooperation and security

New report by SIPRI and FES sheds light on the wider security dynamics of the Silk Road Economic Belt and EU–China cooperation prospects


27.01.2017 | Reading Picks

A New Social Democratic Century

Neo-liberalization, globalization, digitalization and post-modern identity formation ― can social democracy deal with these challenges or has it become obsolete?


19.01.2017 | Reading Picks

Dismantling direct democracy in Hungary

On the Hungarian law governing referendums and how they have been abused by the government of Victor Orbán to dismantle direct democracy in Hungary


21.12.2016 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

Pioneers of social democracy

Stories, thoughts and activities in the life of 49 thinkers of social democracy tell the history of social democracy, now also eternalized in typo quotes.


27.11.2016 | Reading Picks

Political feminism for a better future

Reclaiming inequality as the core aspect of feminism, a political feminist agenda can change reactive politics


20.11.2016 | Reading Picks

Islamic feminism – a contradiction in terms?

The diversity in feminist positions, especially on grounds of how patriarchy has arisen and how it should be challenged and defeated requires to move away from a monolithic engagement against it


23.10.2016 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

Empowerment and networking as foundations of integration policy

The "success stories" of integration policy tell of effective self-organizing. A brief survey of three central areas of integration – housing, work, and language – shows where the pre-conditions for organizing lie.


19.10.2016 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

Why Europe's border security approach has failed and how to replace it

Using ethnographic examples, anthropologist Ruben Andersson in this study goes against the grain of conventional approaches to migration as "crisis" and "security problem". What other options are there beyond migration as…


02.10.2016 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

Refugees: why they flee, what routes they take, and why so many are coming to Germany

Professor Oltmer introduces historical and other complexities of migration to answer why Germany has so often been the destination of flight in the past years.


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