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03.11.2020 | Popular Posts, Trending

Hydrogen hype in the desert

The respective hydrogen strategies of Germany and the European Union are set to solve the question how to decarbonize the industrial sector. Hydrogen can be a clean energy source when produced by electrolysis from renewable sources. This green hydrogen will mostly be produced in the Middle East and…


02.11.2020 | Trending

A bold policy for Europe: Why climate and social policy are inseparable

"Capitalism is at a dead end", according to French Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire. And he is right: Our way of doing business and our understanding of growth needs fundamental overhaul. From a trade union perspective, a crucial task will be ensuring that climate and social policies are not…


01.11.2020 | Trending

Addressing the environmental agenda cannot wait for the pandemic to end

As humanity battles the coronavirus pandemic, the fight against climate change has taken a back seat. This is why ecological deterioration should be an urgent problem on the global agenda.


29.09.2020 | Trending

A last chance for Italy's flawed democracy?

Italy finds itself at a crossroads. It is clear that inequality, democracy, and populism go hand in hand. One false step could jeopardize the whole system.


29.09.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

The Future of Work is now

A feminist perspective from the Middle East and North Africa on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


28.09.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

Sketching visions of a decent future for care workers: The FES "Care to Join Us" global campaign

After COVID-19 we cannot accept to return to the status quo: A transformation and reorganization of the entire care system must be achieved.


03.09.2020 | Trending

Three things NATO must do to reinvent itself

NATO is the most successful military alliance in history, but there is no time like the present to contemplate alternatives.


03.09.2020 | Trending

Coronavirus pushes for cooperation in the Middle East

In the Middle East the coronavirus has changed the rules of the game and forced Israel and the Palestinians to communicate and cooperate in the joint struggle to control the virus since its outbreak.


01.09.2020 | Trending

Connecting maritime stakeholders to curtail maritime crime

Maritime security in Asia Pacific is often viewed through a traditional security lens, where the main responsibility falls on maritime law enforcement agencies to protect maritime borders and territorial sovereignty. However, such a narrow perspective can fail to effectively counter maritime…


05.08.2020 | Trending

Resist, reclaim, reboot: Youth perspectives on renewable energy in the Philippines

Instead of divesting from fossil fuels, the Philippines, one of the countries most affected by climate change, is planning to increase its reserves and production of oil, gas and coal. Find out all about a youth-led initiative which is fighting for a just energy transition wherein no one gets left…


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