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03.08.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

Can the online tactics of Thailand’s political youth movement bring real change?

Thailand has a storied history of political conflict and popular protest movements. But recent demonstrations have been organized through social media, and much of the movement itself is happening online. What does this mean for the movement’s chances of success?


02.06.2020 | Popular Posts

Despite three key challenges, adult education persists to create a resilient Europe

In times of a global crisis, adult learning and education is needed to cope with its impacts, dismantle fake news, and be prepared to reflect the changes needed for the future.


01.06.2020 | Popular Posts

As frontlines shift to schools: Can governments ensure safety?

Education International echoes the call of education workers from around the world: national governments must ensure their protection through evidence-based public health measures in the transition back to school. Read about how the global union federation responds to this call.


31.05.2020 | Popular Posts

Empowering citizens through education in Kosovo

When education is hit by a pandemic, how is social justice and active citizenship affected? Dukagjin Pupovci, the Executive Director of the Kosova Education Center, talks to us about the unique role of education in democratic engagement and paints a picture of global education in a post-COVID world.


04.05.2020 | People, Popular Posts

The revolutionary pandemic: exposing institutional blindness

What is the kind of work without which a society would perish and how do we acknowledge it? Andris Šuvajevs says it like it is: make essential workers the best-paid sector in society and re-establish full employment as a key policy goal.


04.05.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

Indonesia: Health and social security in a pandemic

Among the dozens of countries currently fighting the COVID-19 pandemic globally, Indonesia holds the highest death rate in Asia. How prepared is their public health sector? Will their current social protection systems be sufficient to face this serious crisis?


04.05.2020 | People, Popular Posts

The informal economy in Zambia: An interview with Lameck Kashiwa and Prof. Trywell Kalusopa

The informal economy plays a critical role in the emerging economy of a developing nation like Zambia. FES Zambia interviewed Mr Kashiwa Lameck, the current General Secretary for the Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Associations (AZIEA) and Prof Trywell Kalusopa, the founding Executive Director…


05.03.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

30 years after German reunification: How gender roles deteriorated to Western standards

The reunification of East and West Germany has long since brought about challenges in deciding which cultural and structural norms were to be followed. The social roles of women with regards to their careers and their families was no exception.


04.03.2020 | Popular Posts, People

Creating a Feminist Europe: An Interview with Maria Noichl

Maria Noichl, SPD MEP and rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Gender Equality Strategy. Photo by SPD Europe.

The election of the First Woman Commissioner of the European Union in 2019 was only the beginning of a radical journey of gender equality in the EU. We talk to Maria Noichl, rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Gender Equality Strategy on the ways the EU is amplifying its journey to gender…


25.08.2019 | People, Popular Posts

Young Mozambicans are learning new ways to gain political traction

Over half of Mozambicans are 35 or younger, yet only a fraction vote. A youth platform is encouraging them to head to the ballot box, but also to get involved in other ways.


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