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27.03.2019 | People, In Pipeline

The youth, wherever they come from, are the best placed to face the challenges of the new society

Amine Kharrat. Illustration by iStockphoto/bo68

With migration youth seek opportunities unavailable at home, and those from less prosperous areas see it as the only way to achieve an upward social mobility.


26.02.2019 | In Pipeline

The changes for a gender-just world begin from within

Strengthening political work to achieve gender justice is at the heart of a new gender strategy for socio-political development through international cooperation.


| In Pipeline

Quizzed by climate change

Check your knowledge on climate change and its impact in this special end-of-year issue of FES Connect.


28.11.2018 | In Pipeline

Get ready for COP24: Four things to know about a just transition to a sustainable future!

COP24 is the time for governments to act and increase their pledges to prevent global warming ensuring a just transition that leaves no one behind.


29.10.2018 | In Pipeline

Reform of skills systems needed in Asia

Policies promoting the digital economy and transformation of manufacturing must incorporate the social and ecological interests, including those of workers and trade unions.


24.09.2018 | In Pipeline

An ode to what should be done with the SDGs that have begun

How to render the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) realistic and feasible.


30.08.2018 | In Pipeline, Reading Picks

Against right-wing extremism: Films and books for political action

New and noteworthy entries with a critical take on right-wing extremism and violence for your to-be-read-and-watched list


29.07.2018 | In Pipeline, Popular Posts

Personal data in the public sphere: Is protection possible?

The regulatory capacity of States lags behind the technology of multinational tech giants that handle most of the world’s data. Is each State running out of solutions to defend the individual privacy of its citizens?


| In Pipeline

#KickItOut: down with discrimination in sports! by anton5146

Check out our quiz and see how much you know about discrimination in sports!


28.06.2018 | In Pipeline, People

From personal prejudice to political position: where does right-wing extremism come from?

How from nasty little jokes, prejudices can grow to legitimize the myths that underpin discrimination.


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