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27.03.2020 | Trending

Closing Regulatory Loopholes or Imposing Total Control? A look at China’s system of social credit

China’s social credit system is a highly debated topic for how it treads the fine line between technological advancement and fragile social structures. Genia Kostka discusses its gamification approach and other interesting results from her study.


05.03.2020 | Trending, Popular Posts

30 years after German reunification: How gender roles deteriorated to Western standards

The reunification of East and West Germany has long since brought about challenges in deciding which cultural and structural norms were to be followed. The social roles of women with regards to their careers and their families was no exception.


04.03.2020 | Trending

Gender asterisk or not How German media are making their way towards a gender-sensitive language

iStock Photo /nito100

The battle on the sharp distinction between male and female in the German language has been a long and often losing one for progressives, but this group of female journalists has taken it upon themselves to change that. Learn about the history of the gender asterisk and what’s being done to champion…


03.03.2020 | Trending

An Exploration of Feminist Economics

Participants at the 9th International Week of the Economy. Photo by FES Ecuador

Feminism and those who carry its torch have long since impacted and transformed many sectors and structures in society. In Ecuador, a week-long event is held to discuss how Feminism contributes to the field of economy, and extensively talks about Feminist Economics and what sets it apart. Read about…


30.11.2019 | Trending

What kind of just transition is needed to shape a climate resilient future for Kenya?

Success in achieving Vision 2030, the SDGs, and living up to the commitments of the Paris Agreement will require a transition to a more equal, socially just, and ecologically sustainable economic model.


30.11.2019 | Trending

Chile and Climate Change: Thinking global, acting local

In a rush to ‘solve’ the issues impacting our climate, we often overlook the realities for local and indigenous people. A reality which, simply put needs to understand that collaborative participation, transparency, accountability and governance must be a hallmark of the transformation together…


| Trending

Building liveable, social cities for the economy of tomorrow in Asia and Germany

Urbanists from Europe and Asia are facing some of the same challenges, but from often quite different angles. Experts from nine Asian countries visited Germany to explore social city making in Berlin and Leipzig.


28.10.2019 | Trending

Syria’s reconstruction must take a wider view of housing, land and property rights

A new study highlights aspects that affect socially just post-war reconstruction at the intersection with housing, land and property rights violations in the Middle East and North Africa.


29.08.2019 | Trending

Pink for Kandaka

Photo by Jassour Abualgasim

A campaign for solidarity by women protestors in support of all the women who survived the crackdown on their civil disobedience or were victims of rape in Sudan.


29.08.2019 | In Pipeline, Trending

Teaming up for social democracy – the FES Alumni Mentoring Programme / smartboy10

Former scholars pass on experience to the next generations in the mentoring programme, open to international and German students.


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