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12.10.2016 | Trending, Popular Posts

Attacks on refugee homes, applause for refugees as they arrive and right-wing populist parties on a roll. In Germany, the refugee issue provokes all kinds of different reactions. The general mood has also changed.


12.10.2016 | People, Popular Posts

Interview with documentary filmmaker Zafari on his work with FES, his latest movie on migration and the debates and experiences by Afghan youth


03.10.2016 | News, Trending, Popular Posts

Restrictive migration policies are not novelty to the Americas. Yet, the dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean can’t be disassociated from the border regime that is effective along the southern US border. In the run up to the US presidential nominations, Trump called for his country to seal…


02.10.2016 | Reading Picks, Popular Posts

Professor Oltmer introduces historical and other complexities of migration to answer why Germany has so often been the destination of flight in the past years.


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